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Tech Talk & Gadget Goodies

We are her to help you ”Get Your Geek On”


Our goal is to introduce you to cool consumer technology and explain how it can best work for you, make you a better informed consumer, and answer your tech questions. We also want to show you the latest in cool stuff!


Do you have a question about any kind of consumer electronics or technologies?  Just visit our  Ask Your Question page and submit your question.  We have started posting answers to guest's questions on our Answers to Your Questions page. 


Please be sure to visit and register at our Forums to engage in discussions on various technology topics.


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The latest podcast, "Show #45 - Final Episode", is now available. I am closing down Podcast and changing to Totally Cool Tech Podcast. So listen to this installment of the Podcast and check out the show notes.


Call the listener line, (206) 888-6672, and leave me a voice mail with any comments on the episodes topic or any other topic that crosses your min, as long as its clean, family and work safe.


If you have something you want me to cover, just drop a line on the "Ask Your Question" link on the left side of the page or email me direct at


You can subscribe by putting this URL into your Podcasting Aggregator and you can find the show notes and links in the Blog.


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We are giving away GMAIL (Google Email) account invites.  All you need to do is email norbtek and put "GMAIL GIVE AWAY" in the subject and we will send you an invite.


GMAIL has 2GB+ of storage and is accessible from any browser, anytime, anywhere in the world!

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Featured Product:

Amber Stick
Attached to a key chain

The AMBER stick™ is the world's first fully portable child identification device. Built in software on a small USB Flash Drive makes it accessible in seconds on any windows based computer, and allows it to be carried on your key chain, purse or wallet making it fully portable.


"I'm getting 2 for my wife and myself to have on hand." - Norbert Davis

The technology industry is rapidly changing and encompasses a wide range of products and services. There is so much new technology coming out these days it is hard to keep up, just in the last few years there has been a prolifiraion of HDTVs, DVRs, MP3s, Peer-To-Peer File Sharing, WiFi Computing, Digital Cameras and DV Camcorders. The list goes on and on.


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Our Motto:
Dedicated to demystifying technology and helping to recommend what best fits your tech needs.