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Here are the tech items that I use personally at home:

My Home Computers:

I have 3 personal home computers and one handheld that my family and I use.
My wife's computer is an eMachines T2824 that she uses for paying online bills, storing pictures from our digital camers, organizing her music collection for transfer to her MP3 player and of course, email.
One is an old Pentium III that I use for storing video files that I want to keep long term that I am able to extract from my ReplayTV DVRs.
My personal computer, a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz by Gateway Computers. I use it for creating my web sites for my family and this site.
Last off is my Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC handheld. It is my saviur as far as professional and privae scheduling. It syncs with both my home and work computers for my appointments.

Other Tech Stuff:

I utilize Radio Shack cordless phones all around my house, but not the latest and greatest, just the cheaper and older 900MHz phones for my recorder and satellite phones. They tend to get through the walls and floors better and they don't get interference from devices that are in the 2.4 GHz range such as; microwave ovens, baby monitors, and wireless routers. The standard 2.4 GHz phones tend to have interference problems between these items. Sure you have channels you can rotate through, but your neighbor probably has the same 2.4 GHz type phone and can interfere too. The newer 5.8 GHz phones are pretty slick, but way too expensive for what you really need them for. Do you really need 4 satellite phones and one base phone/recorder that you need to program the base phone with the satellite phone? NO! Stick with the simple stuff, it is easier to trouble shoot and when it does eventually wear out, it's cheaper to replace.

Printers :

I have two printers that we use at home. The first is a Epson C80 color inkjet printer hooked up to my Gateway and shares on the home network so anyone can print to it. The second one is an HP 5850 inkjet printer that is able to hook up to a computer via a USB cable, to a home network via wired ethernet, or wireless 802.11b or g. It makes it real nice to be able to put the printer in an area of the room that is neither next to a computer or a data outlet.

Home Network:

I have installed a CAT5e wired and wireless home network in my house. I have a Netgear MR814 wireless router and a Netgear switch FS605. This systems allows me to share information between all three of my home computers, my two printers, three ReplayTV DVRs and even my wireless capable work laptop. With this home network I am able to enjoy accessing the high speed internet connection that I have with SureWest Broadband at each of the three computers or over the wireless connection.
Want to know how to install a home network in your own home? Just ask!

MP3 to my stereo:

I have a RCA Lyra wireless MP3 transmitter and receiver hooked up to a computer in the house and to my stereo. It allows me to play my MP3 collection (purchased on-line or ripped from my CD collection) that is stored on the home computer hard drive on my home stereo with out having to put wires between them. It gives me great sound but there is still a noticeable skip or delay heard every once in a while if the computer is doing something else that is CPU intensive. I can also listen to live streaming audio of On-line Radio Stations as well. It was relatively inexpensive to the alternative smart devices that hook directly to your home network and stereo, though the other devices handle managing your song play lists better.