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Software that you might want and some that you need to have!

Do you want or need some good FREE software; well here are a few choice works that will get you where you need to go.

 a great alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. While it has many of the same programs, things work a little different, so don’t be surprised that it looks and acts differently than what you are accustomed to. It is fully compatible with MS file types so you can work on the Word and Excel files at home that you should have finished at the office. The results are great, and the price is right.

         Mozilla Firefox is a fast and secure browser which has excellent plug-ins and tabbed browsing. It has quickly become the browser of choice for those who want to eliminate the possibility of having a software flaw cause a system crash, or worse yet, let in an attacker or virus.

         AVG Anti-Virus is a free program that works wonderfully. It runs well on Windows XP and Windows 98.

         ZoneAlarm is one of the best free firewalls out there. You'll have to spend some time training it, but once you do, it's pretty bomb-proof.

         Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition and Spybot Search and Destroy are a must if you have teenagers or you just romp through the internet not paying attention to those little pop-ups that ask to load software so you can view a site. You need to run both as there is so much spyware on the internet, one of them will often catch stuff the other doesn't.

- staff 11-15-04

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